Human Canvas 3: April 7th

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An indoor painting and photo shoot where a group of models lay in position on the floor and form a large human canvas. They are then painted and photographed from above. The entire process takes around 6 hours depending on how many models are participating. Laying in position can be physically tiring. We take several breaks. There is a $25 model fee which covers studio fees and food.
Also, all models receive a limited edition print of the final shot. Models will need to sign a release form allowing for both promotional and commercial use of photos/video taken. These events are NOT OPEN to the viewing public.

Once accepted there will be a $25 model fee, which helps HCA run the event. All participants receive a limited edition signed print from the shoot.
must be 18+
(give as long an answer as you like)
JPG only (nude or non-nude)