200 Naked People in Times Square! You heard that right...

Body Notes takes place on Friday, June 9th (rain date 6/10) in Times Square. Over 200 nude models will be painted for 3 hours in full public view followed by a photo shoot on the bleachers. Each person will have a colorful base coat and a short phrase of their choosing  painted on their chest and back. The purpose of the event is to create a powerful environment of expression and acceptance.

Times Square is the backdrop of so many of Andy's body paintings throughout the years. It is only fitting that the launch of Human Connection Arts take place here. Thank you to the Times Square Alliance for helping make this possible. Celebrate with us later in the evening at our first Body Notes Bash!

The approximate schedule is subject to change...
Registration:   10:30am-noon
Painting:          noon-3pm
Photo S
hoot:    3-4pm

The Theme
The theme (and purpose) of Body Notes is Human Connection. As always, the theme is intentionally vague to allow for people the greatest freedom to express themselves.

$50 fee to participate as a model. There is no fee for artists. Snacks and drinks are included. All paint and brushes will be supplied. All participating models and artists receive a $25 discount to attend the Body Notes Bash!


-Each model will have a rectangular box painted on their chest and another on their back.
-Models will choose 2 colors from a 4-color palette. (1 color for inside the boxes, another color for the outside).
-Each model will have a short phrase of their choosing (10 words or less) painted in their boxes.
-A small staff of artists will sketch out black lines for the boxes and later the lettering of the phrases
-Models will paint themselves (and each other) filling in and around the boxes with their selected colors.
-Models who are comfortable painting can thicken the black lines and phrases.
-Models who are less comfortable painting can focus on coloring in areas.

The Submission
Models will submit their saying as part of the application process. We believe deeply in your truth, and you will not be edited. We ask that you respect our dedication to human connection when selecting your phrase.  Feel free to contact Andy anytime to discuss these ideas. After you fill out the application, you will receive an acceptance letter with a link to pay your fee. Please note that only applicants with a paid fee are confirmed.

Andy's thoughts...
In today's political climate, our words, even with the best intentions can make people feel at odds with each other. The question is, how do we truly express ourselves and at the same time help bring people together? This is a difficult and important question worthy of thought and discussion. Here are some of my thoughts. Maybe we can focus more on how we feel and less on what we think. Maybe we can express ourselves in more general or universal terms. Maybe we can just rely on our instincts. With all that in mind, we believe deeply in your expression, all fitting together, will create a powerful and memorable experience for everyone.

The Inspiration
When I visited the sticky note wall (aka Subway Therapy), at the Union Square subway station, I was amazed and blown away. Tens of thousands of various expressions were viewed by hundreds of thousands people every day. It was inspiring, and it made me proud to be a New Yorker. I am also proud to announce that Matthew “Levee” Chavez, the artist who created Subway Therapy will be joining us as a guest artist!


10 words or less
must be 18+
(give as long an answer as you like)
JPG only (nude or non-nude)
Do you plan on attending? Participants receive a $25 discount.