Hi Friends,

Many of you are familiar with my art and with Bodypainting Day, and now I'm excited to announce our new non-profit organization, Human Connection Arts.

Over the past 10 years, I've been body painting in the public streets of New York City. I have dealt with a lot of adversity from having to defend the legitimacy of the art itself to being arrested for "public lewdness." My motivation has always been to stretch the idea of what art could be and the power it has to connect us . With no plan other than to follow my artistic vision, I feel blessed that my work has continued to grow and blossom, resulting in this new non-profit. I surely couldn't have done any of it without the support of many brave models, journalists, civil rights attorneys and my wife, Carol.


There is a palpable hunger today for human connection, for people to both express and to learn from each other. The goal of Human Connection Arts is to continue to grow Bodypainting Day, and to produce new dynamic public events involving various art forms. This non-profit has enabled me to involve many talented people to take these ideas to new heights. Check out this great Board.

Our launch events are taking place on June 9th--
Body Notes and our Body Note Bash!

I hope you will join us on this exciting journey.