We're coming to Washington Square Park!

The 4th annual NYC Bodypainting Day takes place on Saturday, July 22nd at Washington Square Park in the heart of Greenwich Village. After 4 hours of live body painting, we will have photo shoot at the famous arch, march through the streets of downtown Manhattan, and ride a double-decker bus.

Washington Square Park is the ideal location for NYC Bodypainting Day. That being said, the space is slightly smaller than last year. And judging from the huge influx of emails that we've been receiving, we are going to have far more applicants than we can handle, especially on the model side. This is why we decided to hold a 2nd and much bigger event this year. Body Notes is the launching event for Human Connection Arts, taking place in Times Square on June 9th. And later that night, we are holding our Benefit Bash!, so it's a great time to come to New York City for a long weekend. Feel free to apply to both Bodypainting Day and Body Notes and let me know if you would like to participate in both events, one or the other, and which is your number one choice. Now back to NYC Bodypainting Day!

There is no fee to apply. $50 participation fee includes: model, paint, all paint supplies (except brushes), snacks, drinks, official t-shirt, listing on HCA website. The double-decker bus ride is optional and costs an additional $15 fee. The after-party includes dinner and soft drinks. Alcohol will be available for sale. The after-party is free for all participants with an option to purchase one extra ticket for $20.

There is no fee to apply. $100 participation fee includes: artist, snacks, drinks, official t-shirt and double-decker bus ride. The after-party includes dinner and soft drinks. Alcohol will be available for sale. The after-party is free for all participants with an option to purchase one extra ticket for $20.

Application Process
Applications are currently open and space is very limited. Acceptance emails include a link to pay the participation fee. Once accepted, your spot is not confirmed until the fee is received. If you have a good story, please feel free to share it in your application.

11am-noon:     Artist/Model registration

noon-4pm:       Live Bodypainting
4-4:30pm:        Photo Shoot at Arch
4:30-5:30pm:   March through the Streets
5:30-7pm:        Double-Decker Bus Ride
7pm-?:             Dinner & After-Party

Bodypainting Day is over 3 months away. Below is some basic information about the event.
Feel free to email us if you have any questions.

We are looking for talented and dedicated artists with a voice. Various styles are great, the more diverse, the better.

We love body painters, but we also want to share this interactive art with artists of all genres.

For the Love of Expression
Bodypainting Day is about expression. It's great to paint a beautiful painting, but we encourage artists to share something of themselves in their art. This years theme is Humanity. As always, the theme is intentionally vague to allow for a wide variety of interpretations. The color palette will be announced closer to the event date.

Are every day people, big and small, male and female, old and young (18+).

Artists and models are matched up randomly on the day of the event. This makes it harder to plan, but it also encourages artists to feed off the moment for artistic inspiration. Standing still for long periods of time can be tiring, especially for models. Make sure to get a good nights sleep the night before the event. And please eat, drink and rest as needed. Along with brushes to paint with, artists need to bring a towel for their models to stand on. Artists are also responsible to carry their models possessions during photo sessions and during the march. Models should pack as light as possible and bring a small backpack or bag to hold their belongings. Models should wear comfortable shoes and long hair should be put up during the painting process.

The Public
Crowds of people will be watching you during the entire painting. This is a great opportunity for people to see the entire artistic process as various body types transform into living works of art. This event is for the public. That being said, if anyone is saying or doing anything that is inappropriate, or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, please reach out to any event staff. Do not engage in any confrontation. We are always well staffed to handle any problems.

A Few Rules
All models are full nude, no exceptions. No costumes, headdresses, props, etc. It’s just the body and the painting.


The 2017 US make-up sponsor is

NYC Bodypainting Day Application

must be 18+
(give as long an answer as you like)
JPG only (nude or non-nude)