Thank You for your sopport!

Our Summer Campaign was a success! Thank you to everyone for their generous donation.

Now back to creating groundbreaking, cutting edge events bringing people together through art!

2024 Summer Campaign
May 29th – June 11th



With an exciting roster of events this summer, we need your help make it all happen!

Your donation today to Human Connection Arts Summer Campaign will help us:

  • Bring public body art to  NYC's Museum Mile Festival. 
  • Gather great artists for our 2nd Sugar Hill Art Festival in Harlem. 
  • Launch our first Summer Season at the Human Connection Arts Center featuring Bodypainting Retreats, Artist Residencies and a Live Music Live Art Party in the beautiful Catskill Mountains! 

Your contribution funds direct expenses such as:

  • Art supplies, rentals and insurance,
  • Publicity and promotional materials,
  • Underwriting fees for retreat participants on limited budgets


HCA 2024 T-Shirt


HCA 2024 T-Shirt +
Limited Edition Human Canvas Print "Orbit"


HCA 2024 T-Shirt, Limited Edition Print +

"Only in New York" 32-page photography book highlighting Andy's rise as an up and coming street body paint artist.


All Rewards +
Guaranteed, complimentary acceptance for retreat at Human Connection Arts Center*


*HCA reserves the right to reject any applicant, in which case a full refund will be given.