Through engaging public art events, we follow our vision to inspire human connection around the world.

C H E C K   O U T   T H E   2 0 1 7   C A L E N D A R

HCA talks...

Introducing a series of conversations with featured artists, gallerists, poets, musicians and more. The theme will be different each time, and it's just starting place. The best conversations take their own natural course. We want to hear from everybody. The first theme will be "Brushes with the Law" (dates and locations to be announced shortly)

Body Notes
June 9th / Times Square / 1-4pm

We couldn't be more excited about our newest event, Body Notes, taking place in Times Square. We will have over 200 models each with their own message to share with the world painted across their chest and back. Body Notes will also be the launching event of our new non-profit organization, Human Connection Arts. There's nothing more important than having a voice whether you share it with words, art or with your body itself. Body Notes does all three at once.

Body Notes Bash!
June 9th / NYC / 7-10pm

Meet the artists and models who make Human Connection Arts happen. Enjoy an evening with hors d’ouevres, cocktails, live painting, music, and auction items you can only find at an HCA event.  Stay tuned on how to purchase tickets and packages. Friday, June 9th at the Green Room at Yotel. Purchase tickets and party packages available.

NYC Bodypainting Day
July 22 / Washington Sq. Park / 12-4pm

NYC Bodypainting Day is the event that started it all! This year we are heading to Washington Square Park, which is probably the best location in New York City. It's not just an iconic landmark, it's also very much the center of free thought and art. It's the heart of Greenwich Village. After the painting is complete join us for a photo shoot at the famous arch and a naked parade through the Village.

Amsterdam Bodypainting Day
August 12th / Museumplein / 1-4pm

It's our third year hosting Amsterdam Bodypainting Day. Last year we painted at Museumplein and it couldn't have been a more beautiful environment or better crowds. Well this year we're coming back to Museumplein, but twice the size and with fun events including a canal boat ride.

San Francisco Bodypainting Day
Fall 2017 (date and location TBD)

San Fran is the beacon of freedom in America. We are excited to return for a bigger and better event!

NYC Halloween Parade
October 31st / Greenwich Village / 7pm

This is the biggest Halloween Parade in the country with over half a million people attending. Last year we had a huge float and were featured all over the New York press. We won't let you down by bringing in more artists, more well as some surprises like music and a heater on the float!