Andy Golub, Executive Director
In the early 2000’s Andy’s work expanded from painting canvases to walls, cars, rocks, and just about anything else he could find. He enjoyed taking functional objects and adding an artistic perspective to them. In 2006, shortly after painting 2 mannequins, he painted his first person at Art Expo, NYC. Andy discovered how the model's energy could be an inspiration for the painting itself. After a series of studio paintings, he began painting models on the streets of New York City to share this interactive process with the public. Painting in public added a new dynamic to his work. By showing the body as a canvas, it challenged the idea of the nude body being solely a sexual entity. Also, opainting in Times Square demonstrated the strong contrast between public space being used for artistic expression versus commercialization which is so prevalent.
Following Andy's arrest for nude body painting and subsequent dismissal, in 2011, Andy’s work grew from being provocative to being well-known throughout the City. In 2013 the NYPD publicly acknowledged that Andy’s public performances were legal. And one year later Andy produced his first NYC Bodypainting Day. In 2017, he founded Human Connection Arts, making it clear that the purpose of this work is to build a public dialogue and to connect people through art. Human Connection Arts continues to grow, spreading public expression and acceptance around the world.




Carol Sumkin, Board President
Carol has devoted the past 25 years to a career in the non-profit field. Carol specializes in developing and implementing multi-million dollar strategic campaigns that raise diversified resources for non-profit organizations. As a seasoned development professional, Carol has raised funds for many reputable organizations including Children’s Health Fund, Montefiore Medical Center and the New York Botanical Garden. She has extensive experience developing Boards, managing fundraising events, writing grant proposals and budgets, and establishing administrative systems. As the Chief Development Officer at the international environmental health organization, Pure Earth, Carol worked with the staff and Board to create the organization’s first strategic plan: The Campaign for 10 Million Lives.   The goal is to raise $10 million to launch 35 pilot cleanup projects of toxic sites in key developing countries. Carol received a Master’s Degree in Non-Profit Management from the New School for Social Research- Graduate School for Management and Urban Policy in New York City and a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the Honors Tutorial College at Ohio University. She studied French at the L'Institut de Touraine in Tours, France.


Dana DeFrancesco, Administrative Director
A native of Pittsburgh, Dana is a dancer/performer, licensed massage therapist, movement, and dynamic fitness therapist, as well as a yoga, pilates, and dance instructor. From a young age, she has been interested in how the body works and heals along with exploring how art can bring emotional well being into people's lives. She has been involved in interactive and experiential theater. Dana owns Movement Journeys and performs throughout the tri-state area.




Ronald Kuby, Board Member
Ronald L. Kuby is an American criminal defense and civil rights lawyer, radio talk show host and TV commentator. He has hosted radio programs on WABC Radio in New York and Air America Radio, and television shows on MSNBC and the former Court TV.  Beginning his career with the famed radical lawyer William M. Kunstler, Kuby has spent the past 33 years being as annoying as possible, fighting for the rights of the poor and oppressed, the dissidents and the demented, the artists and activists. Beginning in 1996 with the representation of photographer Spencer Tunick, Kuby has represented artists whose expressive activity, especially public nudity, have brought them into contact with the criminal justice system.  Most recently, Kuby obtained the return of two pieces of guerrilla art--the Edward Snowden bust unlawfully erected in a Brooklyn Park, and the Trump Tombstone, placed in Central Park on Easter, 2016.


Charles Ardai, Board Member
Charles is an entrepreneur, writer, editor, and television producer, best known as the founder and CEO of the pioneering Internet service Juno and founder and editor of Hard Case Crime, a line of pulp-style crime novels by authors ranging from Stephen King and Michael Crichton to James M. Cain and Gore Vidal. His own writing includes fiction and non-fiction published in dozens of magazines and anthologies, as well as five novels, among them the Shamus Award-winning SONGS OF INNOCENCE, which the Washington Post called “an instant classic.” In addition to the Shamus, Ardai has received the Edgar and Ellery Queen Awards. He was a writer and producer for five years on the TV series HAVEN, and in 2016 produced the acclaimed all-female production in Central Park of William Shakespeare’s THE TEMPEST. That production was a collaboration both with Andy Golub and with the Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society, a social-activism group focused on body freedom and gender equality that Ardai has supported since its founding in 2011. Ardai has also been a supporter of Golub’s New York Bodypainting Day since its inception. A summa cum laude graduate of Columbia University, Ardai lives in New York.


April Anderson, Board Secretary
April is the Marketing and Communications Director for the Songwriters Hall of Fame, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Having been involved in this board-driven environment since 1998, she is well-versed in the specialized parameters and needs that must be addressed in order to move forward with their stated mission. In addition, April is founder of the Art As Air Project, whose goal is outreach within creative communities of all genres in order to create a showcase and network for artists who are established, as well as for those who are not. The Art As Air team creates video profiles along with photo portraitures and documentaries, all displayed on the website and on social media. In her “spare time,” April documents life and travel, armed with her trusty camera and her all-consuming passion.


Peter Cooper, Board Member
Peter is a creator infused with many passions. As a seasoned photographer and video producer, Peter enjoys exploring and telling stories through a multi-media lens. He is currently a video producer at


Carl Blandford, Board Member
Carl is a seasoned entrepreneur most recently founding Corporate Accommodations, a national company which provides temporary housing for corporations and athletes. Previously, Carl created and produced the St. Louis magazine, Passport, an award-winning publication for that city’s hospitality industry.  Carl also founded the St Louis Concierge Association and a successful local advertising agency.  Earlier in his career, Carl was a painter, graphic designer and technical illustrator. A benefactor of the arts, Carl has been a generous supporter and participant in many of Andy Golub’s Bodypainting Days and public painting projects in Times Square.


Russ Wagner, Board Member
Russ currently works from his warehouse studio in Pt. Richmond in the San Francisco Bay area as an artist oil painter.  Known for his bright, fauve-influenced use of color, Wagner paints the “unseen” colors he perceives in both interior and outdoor scenes.  His unique brushstroke and warm color palette evokes a sense of motion and passion.  Russ Wagner's paintings can be viewed at several local galleries, corporate shows, and outdoor venues.  Wagner received a bachelor's degree in finance from Arizona State University in 1987. After a successful career in financial sales, Wagner chose to devote his time to his true passion of painting life in motion.


Sidney Oolongo, Board Member
Sidñey is an Art enthusiast with a proclivity for performance and conceptual art, who had connected with the Human Connection Arts team by turning up at various performances and social occasions, volunteering at events, and eventually producing initiatives. He holds a B.A. from Cornell University's School of Arts & Sciences, and currently runs his family's property rental business, as well as consulting in IT for a mobile computing, engineering workflow, and database company in New York City, and social media for various international clients. In addition to HCA projects he also founded and curates a virtual art collective known as Unexplained Bacon (UxB), which aims to provide a framework for neophytes to engage with art, hobbyists to develop deeper interest and tangible skills, and other artists to extend their ranges through collaboration and logistical support. Sidñey also designs and builds costumes that straddle the line between apparel and sculpture.


Eva Mueller, Board Member
Bavarian-born and raised Eva graduated from the University and applied her experience in graphic design, art direction and visual fine art, evolved into her career in photography. Eva has worked for most record labels and top design companies in The US, Europe and UK. Her editorial work has appeared in many international music and fashion magazines. Eva fine art work has been shown in galleries around the world. The naked human body in all forms and shapes is the focus of her work. Many of her fine art projects explore the subject of androgyny and gender identity. When Eva met Andy Golub she became a supporter of his work and mission and has been photographing his events. Eva also has been painted by Andy Golub a number of times and also body painted others at the last Bodypainting Day in 2016. Eva lives and works in Brooklyn and is deeply involved with the Bushwick art community.


Matthew Epstein, Board Member
Matthew is currently a Video Director and Editor as well as a professional photographer.  Matthew has edited national commercials for L’Oreal, BMW, Club Med, and Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield; has been an in-house video production resource with Pfizer Inc, and most recently edited programs for Food Network, Cooking Channel and Travel Channel. Matthew graduated from Ithaca College in 1992 with a BS in Film, Literature and Writing and is a board member for the Village Center for the Arts in New Milford, CT. Matthew has worked closely with Andy Golub for Bodypainting Day in New York and Amsterdam and has photographed many of Andy’s painting projects including Fredi in Times Square.




Buck Wolf, Media Advisor
Buck is the executive editor of trends at The Huffington Post. He previously served as an entertainment news producer at ABC News, a senior correspondent at AOL News, and managing editor at Court TV Online. For more than a decade, he served as a top cop in Us Weekly's Fashion Police. He was part of the Peabody Award-winning ABC News team that covered the Sept. 11 attack, and he won a 2014 Shorty Award for excellence in social media. Buck was born and raised in Great Neck, Long Island, studied English at the University of Buffalo, and earned graduate degrees from Columbia University in Journalism and International Affairs.


Craig Tracy, Fine Art Advisor
Born, raised and currently living in New Orleans LA. He started painting professionally at the age of 15 and as his work developed so did his desire to create. Craig attended and graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale Fl. with a focus on Illustration work that eventually lead him to working with both national and international corporations. Craig's focus since 2001 has been on Fine Art Bodypainting and he is considered a leader it the contemporary Bodypainting movement. Craig is a World Bodypainting Champion as well as a renowned judge for bodypainting competitions globally and on the hit network TV show Skin Wars. Craig considers his greatest achievement to be the opening of in his gallery back in 2006, located in New Orleans. The Craig Tracy Gallery is the first gallery in the world dedicated to fine art bodypainted images.