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2 0 1 8   C A L E N D A R


January 7th: Volition Gallery

Andy will be painting 3 models at a group show of this historic Hudson Valley Gallery. 2-4pm, 103 S Greenbush Rd, Orangeburg, NY

February 10th: Polar Bear Paint

A group of models will be painted in a studio. Then we head over to Times Square for a photo shoot in the middle of the winter. This is an experience for people who like to challenge themselves physically and spiritually. Stay Tuned for details.

March 10th & 31st, April 7th & 21st: Human Canvas Paintings

A series of indoor Human Canvas paintings. View this video and these photos to learn more. Location will be at our photo studio in Chinatown/Little Italy, NYC. Stay tuned for exact dates and times.

March 8th: Armory/Gallery Show

Several models will be painted and attend art gallery openings during a time when the art world converges on New York City.  

May/June: Painted Cars & Bodies

2 days of live painting in Times Square of one of the most luxurious cars in the world along with several models of all shapes and sizes.

June: Museum Mile

Several models will be painted as 5th Avenue is shuts down to celebrate public art.

June 16th: Mermaid Parade

Several art cars and painted models will join this iconic Coney Island Parade.

July 14th: NYC Bodypainting Day

This is the 5-year anniversary for NYC Bodypainting Day! Join us as we return to Washington Square Park.

July 14th: Bash!

Following NYC Bodypainting Day,  we celebrate at the HCA Bash!  Guests enjoy cocktails/food, DJ, live painting, interactive art, and a silent auction. It’s a great opportunity for fans, artists, and models to connect with each other and raise funds for Human Connections Arts unique art events.

August: Bodypainting Day in a new city

Stay tuned for more info.

September: Fashion Week painting

We paint outside of high end fashion shows to share our message that people of all shapes, sizes and ages could be art and should be celebrated.

October: San Fran Bodypainting Day

Join us as we return to the Burning Man Decompression for our 3rd Bodypainting Day in San Francisco.

October 31st: Halloween Parade

For the 3rd year we have a giant float, painted cars and dozens of painted models for millions of spectators at the largest Halloween Parade in the world.


2 0 1 7 . . . it was a very good year . . .

July 9th, Body Notes
Times Square, NYC

July 22nd, NYC Bodypainting Day
Washington Square Park

August 12th, Amsterdam Bodypainting Day

August 19th, Berlin Bodypainting Day
Checkpoint Charlie


October 14th, San Francisco Bodypainting Day
Burning Man Decompression

September 22, Bushwick Open Studios
Brooklyn, NY

June 17th, Mermaid Parade
Coney Island, NYC

January 5th, SBX Gallery
Bronx, NYC

April 30th & May 13th, HCA Talks